Collagen-PINThis safe and versatile treatment is an excellent way to improve skin texture & tone, treating fine lines, wrinkles, oiliness, acne scars, stretch marks and hair restoration. The Collagen P.I.N. (Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy, a.k.a. microneedling) triggers a release of growth factors, new collagen and elastin. Patients can treat face, neck, décolletage, hands, arms, legs, abdomen, and back. Typically it will require 3-6 treatments spaced about 4 weeks apart.

The Collagen P.I.N. is considered a no downtime treatment, however, patients will only be allowed to use recommended products for four days post treatment. The sterile disposable needle cartridge, holding 12 micro needles is glided across the skin with the Collagen P.I.N. device that mechanically induces a micro injury to the desired depth chosen for your skin allowing topicals and serums to reach the targeted areas, producing healthy glowing results.

Before and After Photos